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I am in awe of how & what God is doing in Bolton landing.  You may be asking yourselves, why are you in awe of God work?  I am in awe to see how much he has done in such a small amount of time.  We have launched several NEW ministries at Bolton Community Church (BCC) with many more in the works.  In just 10 short months God has provided the Church with numerous new ministries for the community.  

Each week I want to take a look at each ministry and showcase what they are doing for the community:

Our Grief Care program is available for anyone who has experienced the loss of a person they love.  It is one of life’s most difficult challenges and affects every aspect of a person’s life.  You may feel overwhelmed and unable to function or become frustrated because many people do not understand the extent of your grief or want to listen to you continue to talk about the deep hurt and loneliness you experience in your grief.   Grief care is an ongoing Grief Support group for people within our community who have experienced the death of a loved one.  The Purpose of the Grieg Care is to help grieving people understand the impact of grief and learn how to process their feelings and emotions during their grief journey.  Whether your loss is recent or some time ago, our caring grief mentors will support you as you learn to navigate through your grief in a safe and confidential environment and move forward with renewed hope.  

Thanks - 

Pastor Scotty


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