Driving Forward



Nestled in the Adirondack Mountains on the northwest end of Lake George is the little tourist town of Bolton Landing.

In the seventeen hundreds a group of believers started a church and in 1806 they became the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of BOLTON LANDING. IT WAS THE SECOND RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION IN THE SMALL TOWN OF CONSERVATIVE CONGREGATIONALISTS.

About 1837, the present church building was built, and at that time became affiliated with the TRIENNEAL BAPTIST CONVENTION (established 1814), which became the NORTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION in 1907.

Over the years, the church gradually left its conservative theology, its message to youth, lost its message and congregation and developed a negative reputation. The church finally closed except for three months in the summer. 

 A couple years ago, the members didn’t want to see the 200 year old church close. the few members voted to withdraw from its liberal denomination and become an independent, non-denominational Christian Church known as THE BOLTON COMMUNITY CHURCH with no affiliation. They wanted it to become a Gospel Preaching Church again. They met with a retired church consultant located twenty miles north of the church and asked for help in RECLAIMING the church for Jesus Christ.  The consultant suggested a man with a pastor’s heart, who was the Dean of Off-Campus Students at the Word of Life Bible Institute. This man has a passionate heart for the Lord and has a “knows-no-strangers” personality. The church with no funds took a leap of faith and called Scott Matthews to become their pastor, knowing they would need outside help to pay their pastor. The church had only four active members. There was a parsonage, but no full-time pastor had lived in it for 25 years. 

During the summer months of 2017 the summer vacationers began returning. It was decided to challenge the summer visitors, a few out-of-town businessmen and a couple local churches to contribute $100. per month to support the new pastor until the Church could pay him. Thirty donors were needed for what was called “THE PASTORS CHALLENGE” amazingly, THE GOAL WAS REALIZED!



We must broaden the base of supporters and are asking the Lord to burden other churches and individuals to consider making a minimum commitment of $25-50 per month (perhaps some could do more) for the next couple of years to give the church budget a little breathing room,  allow for some local promotion and some smaller critical projects.

The church building is ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-ONE years old. There is an unfinished basement; very little insulation anywhere; NO place for counselling; a very old and very small toilet under a staircase; a parsonage with a decaying front porch.

Following are some of the projects that, God willing and with the help of God’s people will become a reality. Much of the labor will be done by volunteers:

The estimates are from local contractors who gave quotes on the projects.


1.     To those who have made all of this happen by becoming a part of the “Pastors Challenge” by contributing $100. per month – some of you will reach the end of your 12 month commitment. We want to THANK YOU for your gracious giving. However, we need to ask you ONCE AGAIN, if you feel so led, to continue this financial giving for one more year. As you can see by this report/proposal, the community is beginning to respond and we do need to continue. We are not there yet where this fragle new work is totally self-sustaining. IF YOU CAN SEE YOURSELF CONTINUING your gracious commitment for another year, please do so by contacting 

(PAUL BUBAR – friend & consultant) at paulb@wol.org; 518/494-7706h; 518/796-6377c  - 

RICHARD KOLVEK – Richardkolvek@hotmail.com; 201/248-7710;

OR, PASTOR SCOTTY – Boltonbcc@gmail.com; 518/644-9103 church


Church Utilities, supplies and insurances - $12,000.

Pastor’s salary and parsonage utilities - $33,000.

(Out of this, pastor pays the parsonage utilities and insurance).

Outreach - $5,000.

Currently the weekly offerings cover the Church Utilities, supplies and insurances.


Church insulation - $19,000. Counseling Area - $12,000.

 Zoning of Heating System - $4,000.

All financial gifts qualify for a tax deduction and all giving is kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.



The big picture is to carry out Christ’s Great Commission in this historic community where the Gospel has been neglected for years. People are softening. JUST THIS MORNING, pastor Scotty was at the local Post Office and a woman he had never met stopped him and said, “Pastor, we are so glad you have come to our community. You are just what the people of Bolton Landing need. Please keep doing what you are doing.” With that, the lady was gone. I have to feel that Pastor Scotty will be used mightily of God in that unique community. 

PLEASE feel free to pass this report and proposal along to individuals, other churches, Family Trusts or Benevolent Foundations that might help with any of the projects. ALSO, we solicit your earnest prayers for Bolton Landing, NY.



If you want to help us here at BCC ensure that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being preached please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you. 

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