Pastor Scott Matthews

We are extremely blessed to have a full-time pastor and his family to reach out to the permanent and seasonal residents of the community.

scottScott Matthews and his wife, Erica  are both graduates of the Word of Life Bible Institure in Pottersville, New York.  Together they have managed and trained over 1,000 student workers over five summers (2013-2018) at the Word of Life Ranch & Wild Camps. Scott also served as Dean of Off-Campus students at the Bible Institute. In this capcity he was shepperding families as they made the transition to college life in a non tradional way.  He has worked in various aspects of the church from Childrens ministry to being a Youth Pastor in Maine.  Both love to serve the Lord and are looking forward to seeing what God has in store here in Bolton Landing. 

He, his wife Erica and their four children will be the first family to live on the church campus in over 25 years.  The goal of Pastor Matthews is to make the church a focal point in the community for services and family friendly activities.

Pastor Paul Bubar is the mentor to Pastor Scotty sharing his wealth of knowledge from his over 60+ years in the ministry.  Once pastoring at a small church in Northfield, Massachussetts that was pastored by DL Moody.  He became known for his outside the box thinking with Word of Life Fellowship.  There he held various positions that have impacted that ministry greatly.  Now, Pastor Bubar helps churches all throughout the Northeast to find pastors.  We are so blessed that he brought us Pastor Scotty and are thankful for his continued support in his life.