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Dear Friends and Faithful Supporters,

It is now Fall here in the Bolton Landing.  We certainly have a lot of things to be thankful for this year.  Summer was a great time here in the Adirondacks and the town of Bolton Landing was alive with summer residents and visitors. While the tourist season is an exciting time in Bolton even more exciting is that the hearts of those here in our community are softening and becoming more open to seeing what God is doing at Bolton Community Church (BCC).

Scott spent a great deal of the winter months developing relationships in town, going to sports events at the school, having coffee with the, “old guys” in Stewarts, attending town board meetings, and other community events. Aside from our normal Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services, BCC has been holding monthly family movie nights and began a teen coffee house (our first event had 15 unchurched teens in attendance). The high school baccalaureate service will be hosted by BCC for the first time in over a decade.  Our plans for the summer involve a weekly kid’s program as well as being a rain location for various town recreation department events. God is moving in this small town and our family is humbled to be a part of showing Jesus to this community.  

With all that is happening we wanted to be sure you were aware of what your prayer and financial support is accomplishing for Christ. To have people in the post office commenting on, “this being just what this town needs” and a local official even asking, “what does it mean to be saved?” YOU are part of that- THANK YOU! You are making it possible.

That being said, we have come to the end of our first year in Bolton (as of September 1st) and we are looking for those of you who are currently supporting us to consider continuing your financial support for another year. It is going to take longer than we expected when we originally took the step of faith and agreed to lead this ministry for the giving from the congregation to cover the expense.  We have a growing congregation but we are not large enough to be self-sustaining.

Please, join us in praying that God will continue to open the hearts of those in our community. If you are able to continue partner with us financially with your Pastor’s Challenge let us know by giving a call or sending an email at the contact information below. We really appreciate your help. If you are unable to do so, we understand and have loved having you on the team. We pray that no matter what, you will keep Bolton Community Church in your prayers.
Our hearts cry is to get out the Good News of the Gospel. 

Our family is very committed to this ministry.  The twins (Brady & Brody) serve every week helping setup the church.  Abigail makes a snack for the coffee hour, makes coffee, and helps with the hospitality aspects of the church.  Erica is overseeing the junior church, making sure that the bulletins are done, helping with music, and helping with the Grief Care Program.  Scott is busy preparing Sunday school lessons, weekly Sunday Sermons, and Wednesday Night Bible Studies.  Scott oversees the Word of Life Bible Institute Ministry Team that comes down on a weekly basis during the school year.  Those students are a BIG help. 

Thanks again and please let me know if we can answer any questions.

Scotty and Erica Matthews
Phone:  518-644-9103

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