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I want it NOW!

Posted: 3/11/2021

I want it NOW!

In 1964 Roald Dahl wrote the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was then made into two movies. In the story there is Veruca Salt is greedy, demanding, spoiled brat and one of the four main antagonists of story. She demands every single thing she requests and is the second person to find a Golden Ticket. The Veruca character shows how when young children want something they can't have immediately, it often becomes their unrelenting focus. They persistenly ask for new toys, experiences and additional treats, and if the parent is luck they will throw in a tantrum when they get told no!

During the early days of the church, the word passion referred to these persistent, uncontrolled desires of the flesh that draw us away from God. When Paul won't to the Galatians, this is exactly what he wanted them to remember that to belong to Jesus means that these passions have been crucified with Christ on the cross.

In dealing with folkd with alcohol/drug addicitions we tell them to be aware of the warning signs.  We deal with harmful desires by taking slow, measured, steps away from them and toward the Lord. It's only as we relinquish our passions and retrain our focus that we'll realize our fulfillment comes from Christ alone. However, we don't have to get there all at once. It takes patience to surrender toyu passions and actively seek the Lord.

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