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Posted: 1/12/2021


I have been sitting in my office today and reflecting on what one of my trustees said. "We need now more than ever Scotty Prayer Warriors! That is the only thing that is going to help our country." What is a Prayer Warrior anyway? A Prayer Warrior is someone who is willing to commit to a daily, heartfelt prayer ritual. Someone who is willing to pray alone, for others, with others, and even for strangers. The world desperately needs all of our prayers, now more than ever. I truly believe that we can win this spiritual war we are in only IF we all get down on our knees and pray! We can all help heal the world and this country in this time of great need through the power of prayer.

A prayer warrior needs to be committed, vigilant, and can’t afford to be lazy. A warrior who isn’t able to raise their weapon will soon find themselves unable to defend against their adversary. The time is NOW where we need to make a stand for Jesus. Show the world we are FOLLOWERS of Christ not just mere fans on Sunday Mornings. Please join me in committing to pray for our leaders (whether you like them or not) and those who created the strife and divide in our country. Now is not the time to lay blame, fear has overtaken our country and we need to ask for the peace above all understanding to calm our hearts and minds.

I ask that you join me in the venture and let's show the country, the world the TRUE power of Jesus Christ!
- Pastor Scotty

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