Pastor's Challenge

Bolton Community Church has been attempting to restore and bring a Bible-believing church to Bolton Landing.  Although we have been able to reach a sizable number of attendees, most have been summer visitors and vacationers.

God has provided a man and his family that have been called to BCC.  Their plan is to become deeply involved in our community in every way possible.  This well be a great step forward for this church – to be functioning and ministering to adults, youth, and young marrieds twelve months per year.  The Matthews are a very creative and focused family whom we believe will make a great impact on Bolton Landing.

There remains a short-fall of funds for their family support and the church is taking a step of faith by reaching out to individuals and churches to help make up this short-fall.  The Challenge is to have people of churches or churches to give whatever they can afford to keep the pastor as the only Full Time pastor in the area.  This would provide the short-fall for salary. This is would be until the new congregation would be able to take over this responsibility which they expect to be really soon.  We are asking for a monthly donation of $100 for a year or a one time payment of $1,200.00

If you are interested in supporting us in the endeavor please click on the secure link below or you can contact us at or calling 518-644-9103.  All gifts are tax-deductible and should be made out to BOLTON COMMUNITY CHURCH.

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Pastorís Challenge

This is the form that you can use to make a pledge of support to BCC for the Pastor's Challenge.  You would either need to still mail a check made out to Bolton Community Church or use our on line portal.  

If you are wanting to mail us a check please send it to:

Bolton Community Church

P.O. Box 1455

Bolton Landing, NY 12814-1455

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