The media ministry team is responsible for all of the technical functions of Bolton Community church.  We serve the church by providing comprehensive media services for BCC events. BCC events can include Sunday morning worship, special services, youth events, special festivals, congregational meetings and other gatherings.  We are proud to be able to serve Christ through this important ministry.  

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There are many different ways you can watch our services from the comfort of your own home. We have brought the church right to your home.    Just click on the one that is the easiest for you. 


Click on the picture to the left to be able to see our Facebook LIVE Stream off our FB Page.

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We are looking forward to expanding our church online services to provide people the best possible experience

to hear and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

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Here is where you can find our achived videos on our website
Five top tips for using YouTube for charity videos | JustGiving Blog Click here to find past videos from Bolton Community Church.  


We are committed to growing towards full maturity in Christ.
That's why we're excited to partner with Right Now Media, an online, user-friendly library for individuals in every age and stage of life.
Right Now Media is full of Bible-based content, discipleship training videos covering topics like marriage, finance, parenting, mission, theology, and a full library for kids.

We offer free access to this online tool to everyone connected to NMBC.

We are always trying to find ways to bring content to your home with the word of God.  

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