Crossroads is the Counseling Ministry at Bolton Community Church.  Crossroads makes available one-on-one individual, children, marriage, couple and family counseling. Our pastor provides support by assisting members and those in the communinty in all areas of living including grief, relationships, emotional, physical & spiritual challenges, and personal growth-related issues.

Who provides the counseling?

Counseling is provided by the ministerial staff at BCC which is comprised of trained pastors, counselors, professional counselors and other mental health professionals.

What can I expect?

Counseling is provided in a confidential, non-judgmental environment where each person is treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Expect to have your thoughts, feelings, and concerns taken seriously. Expect to learn more about yourself and God. Expect to experience change.

How long can I use this service?

Although sometimes only one meeting is needed, we offer short term counseling usually lasting 6-8 sessions. Each session is scheduled for 1 hour for individual and 1.5 hours for couples and families. For situations requiring more in-depth needs, referrals are made to community resources or service agencies.

What types of services are provided?

One on One Counseling:

Support Groups are provided for:

The Counseling Ministry offers Christian & Biblical support to the members of Bolton Community Church.  Services which require professional care (mental illness, multiple personality disorders and other psychological concerns) are referred to licensed therapist, psychologist and /or psychiatrist in the local area. 

Cancer Care Ministry 

The Mission of the Cancer Care Ministry @ BCC is to provide spiritual, emotional, household care, and informational support to a person or family experiencing a cancer struggle in the Bolton Community Church and Bolton Landing community and surrounding areas


The Grief Care Ministry provides help, support and services for anyone who experiences a loss.   While death is the best known and the most frequently recognized loss, we understand that grief is about the loss of anything significant in one’s life.   The ministry provides service for those grief situations brought on by functional, relational and material losses including health, age, divorce, disasters, job loss and financial as well as death.

The ministry provides support and service to the family in the planning and execution of memorial and funeral services.

Additionally, the ministry periodically provides education on the grief process, as well as, grief care training to help the congregation and the community develop a healthy view of grief and grief care.